Top 7 Cycling Magazines to Read for the Best Cycling Advice

You often hear the expression “It’s like riding a bike” but this expression isn’t entirely accurate.  Riding a bike isn’t easy or natural if you do it right.  Very few riders have the skill, experience, fitness level and knowledge to excel in this fantastic sport.  But the good thing is that just about anyone can learn to improve their skill and develop their experience regarding biking by simply reading the right sources.  If you want to improve your knowledge on cycling then this article and any of these top 7 cycling magazines are definitely the right read for you.

But first, let’s get the right bike

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to get started is to actually invest in your goal.  If you plan on getting fit in the gym then go and take out a gym membership.  If you want to start cycling then go and buy the best road bike.  There is nothing more annoying than burning to get started on your new adventure or goal only to find that you don’t have the right tools to get started.  Before you go and buy your first cycling magazine go and get the right bike so you can start spinning the moment you feel inspired.

Top 7 cycling magazines

Once you have your bike you can start learning all the best tips and tricks by checking out any one of the following top 7 cycling magazines.

Bicycling – This is one of the best biking magazines to consider whether you are new to cycling or a pro.  Bicycling is the world’s largest cycling magazine and has been publishing since 1961.  They launch 10 issues each and every year and their magazines include everything from starter tips to pro cycling gadgets.

Cycling weekly – This British magazine is a good read for any cycling enthusiast.  The first issue was launched in 1891 and the magazine’s popularity just keeps growing.

Rouleur – This is another British cycling magazine that started back in 2006.  Rouleur might be fairly new on the market but it is still a good read for any cycling lover.

Cycling plus – This magazine was first published in 1992 and with 13 yearly issues, they now have 44000 magazines in the loop.  The magazine is superb for spotting the best competitions and cycling routes.

Procycling – This magazine was launched in 1999 and should be easy to come by since this magazine is available in all English speaking countries.

Cycling World Mag – You can find the best info in this magazine from the top ten mountain bike trails to the latest news on all modern e-bikes.

Velo Vision – This is a good read for family cyclists all the way up to serious champion cyclists.  Velo Vision only has quarterly magazines so be sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss one.

All of these biking magazines are bound to give you some superb cycling advice which makes them a superb investment whether you are looking for the best posture tips or the best cycling routes.