Get Inspiration for Your Next Book

When working on a writing project, one thing you need is an inspiration. Of course, you might already have a plot or the main theme you hope to follow. Nevertheless, all writers need a muse or an inspiration. Without it, their stories might not hold much leverage and might not be as interesting. This inspiration can come from a person, a place, another story, an experience or even current events. The Hunger Games was inspired by the increasing reality television shows, Twilight was inspired by a dream and Harry Potter included elements inspired by the author’s own life.

All good books have a piece of their author’s personality in them. There are various ways you can gather inspiration. Need more? Following are some ways to get what you desire:


What other great inspiration do you Need than Art? Art has a way of speaking to us without words. This is exactly what you hope to accomplish with words, to inspire feelings in as few words as possible. You do not have to visit art museums to view great classics, simply visit your local art gallery. Viewing artwork in real time will inspire you, even more, when you view the intricate details and hard work that went into making them. However, online art can help you a great deal as well. Search up some digital paintings and find the one that speaks to you.

Current Events:

As we mentioned above, current events can be an incredible inspiration for your next movie. Hunger games were inspired by the current rise of reality television shows while Khalid Hosseini is known to write about the Afghan refugee problem and the war that broke out over Afghanistan. Both their styles are exceptional and relatable. Current events help you get in touch with the folks. They can relate to what is happening in the story and can understand it better. The greatest stories are all around us, all we need to do is to look at them with a bold eye. So, grab a newspaper and read the stories of amazing things happening around the globe.


Movies set in a medieval era tend to get us even more excited than the ones set in the future. The thought of kings and knights thrill us and we enjoy reading their amazing war stories. It is obvious, some of the greatest stories are hidden in our history books. No matter what you write, you can almost always take a little help from history. Writing about a great revolution? Search up some battles. Writing about romance? Plenty of those in history. So, head out to your local library and start your research.


Nothing beats fresh air and the sun in your eyes! And nothing inspires you more either! Getting in touch with nature is an incredible way to let your creative juices flow. Maybe, you are too stressed out to think about anything. Take a long walk on the beach. It will refresh your mind and open it up to new possibilities. You can even take a vacation to an exquisite location such as Cozumel. Doing activities that help you admire mother nature will motivate you even further. These activities can be anything from fishing to scuba diving.

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