Take Your Dog on an Adventure With a Book

Like with your children, it is important for you to read to your dog. Dogs are known to be great listeners and most will gladly sit down with you and attentively listen as you read a book to them. It will allow you to spend some quality time with your dog and also allow you to take it along with you on an adventure.

When reading to your dog, probably the most challenging aspect is getting your dog to calmly sit and listen to you. This may take some time but with effort and patience, they will likely sit and listen to you. Younger dogs tend to be a lot more active so they may need some time to mature but it doesn’t hurt to try. If your dog is generally obedient, it won’t take you too long to sit with you for a reading session.


Get a reading quilt

You can have a nice setup for your reading sessions. Bring out a quilt with a cushion so you and your dog can easily sit and relax for a session. If you have children then you can get a quilt or blanket big enough for everyone to easily sit on at one time. Once the dog sees, you pull out the quilt a few times, it will automatically come for reading sessions when it sees you pull the quilt out.


Give your dog treats

First few sessions you may need to provide your dog with incentives in order to get it to sit with you for sessions. So keep some treat handy and treat it for being a good listener.


Choose the right books

When it comes to picking books, you want to make sure you get books that have pictures along with text. It allows your dog some visuals which can help stimulate their thought process. Think of it like reading to a kid. These reading sessions are great especially if you have a dog along with children. You can sit all of them down together for a nice family read.

If you are thinking of starting the tradition, then we have a few suggestions of books you can read to your dog and your children here.


Know when to read to them

Don’t expect your dog to come running to you in the middle of the day for a reading session. Pick a right time, the evening is good because your dog is probably tired out by then. Reading right before bed time is also a good option.

Even though there is no scientific proof that reading to dogs can help their thought process or anything, since not a lot of studies have been conducted on the subject. We still feel that reading to a dog does improve its imagination like it does with younger children. So with a healthy diet of the best food for poodles and a regular reading session, your dog can be much “smarter.”