You Know, You Really Are Fantastic: Tales of the Fox Tail Butt Plug

Butt plugs have been around for a while, but their popularity has exploded recently and are now considered to be one of the most popular sex toys in the world. This comes at a time when people are talking more openly about their sex lives than ever before. Butt plugs are fantastic for that added pleasure and the simple design means it can be used in a number of ways for a variety of reasons. Great for the novice or for the pro, they are ideal to be used in isolation or in conjunction with other toys and even other people. They are designed specifically to gently stretch your anus, encouraging stimulation of internal and external nerve endings. The sensations can be really worthwhile if you are patient with your plugging.

Described as flexible, light and easy to insert, they can also provide maximal comfort to the curious plugger. Unlike something a bit more industrial (eg., the anal hook), butt plugs provide a more gentle introduction to the world of anal play. Some plugs are perfect for a beginner or for those who wish to have one in for a long period of time. The sheer range in choice gives means you can find the right one for you – but it can also be quite daunting. From gemstone princess plugs to pet plugs, you will definitely find what you´re looking for.

The goal? Maximum satisfaction. The tool? The fox tail butt plug.

One of these pet plug types is the fox tail plug – and it is exactly what you think. Made with silicon or stainless steel, you should adhere to the standard protocol of butt plugging (ensure you have the right lube, don´t share or double dip etc.). Some of the products available in this range include the following:

Frisky Fox Tail Butt Plug

Made with rubber and conical in shape, this plug has a flared base as like any other. It also comes with a 14 inch tail in black, grey or white – most often described as soft and silky, buttplugexpert has since released their discounted pice on

Utimi Wild Stainless Steel Fox´s Tail´s Butt Plug

Smooth finish design to maximise comfort making it ideal for longer-term wear. Ideal for a novice looking to introduce butt plugs to their personal or shared sexperience. Many users report quite an intense feeling with this one so slide up and strap in! Bu

Pure White Love Fox Tail Alloy Gold Butt Plug

With a gold metal plug, this model reaches a fantastic 19 inches, you can choose from a variety of colours, and the fur is dense and fluffy. Gold star for this one.

You can wear them whenever you want – you can wear them to do the chores, you can wear them to do the shopping, or you can save them for the bedroom – alone or in the company of others. The fox tail in particular is iconic, and with the wide range of colours, textures and sizes available you really can´t go wrong.