Are LinkedIn Profiles Important

It is really hard to keep up with the social media world as it appears to be an ever-evolving entity. When it comes to job searches that makes it all the more challenging. Given the number of online platforms designed to help you make connections with future employers, it makes sense that you would wonder, “Are LinkedIn profiles important?”

Even if you have access to NYC RESUME INTERVIEW & ONLINE PREP, and their plethora of expert resume writers, you still need a way to meet potential employers. They can help you wow the decision makers at the company where you are hoping to land that job interview. In fact, they can even assist you with your LinkedIn profile creation. But, is it all necessary?

Are LinkedIn Profiles Important
Are LinkedIn Profiles Important

These are the Benefits of a LinkedIn Profile

Younger professionals read the statistics about LinkedIn and automatically assume it is not for them. They take note of the fact that the average LinkedIn user is in his/her 40s and suspect the platform is for an older generation. But since you need every edge you can get in this job pursuit, you need to know that these are the benefits of a LinkedIn profile:

  • Brand Management Opportunities- The first impression a recruiter gets about you is your online presence. So, it is important to make sure that you are in control of what information about you is available. When you create a LinkedIn profile, you can rest confidently that it will rank high on Google searches for your name. Read this to learn more about managing your personal brand.
  • Professional Relationship Management- When you use LinkedIn, you have the ability to personally manage all of your professional connections. You can organize them too. When you make contacts during your job search they make more sense as LinkedIn connections instead of Facebook friends. LinkedIn is a great platform for all professional networking needs.
  • Third Party Endorsements- LinkedIn offers you the ability to post recommendations from people who have worked with you before. With the help of these positive comments, you are able to build your credibility in the field you are applying for. Plus, requesting recommendations from people you used to work with gives you a great reason to reconnect with people with whom you may have lost touch.
  • Easy Recruiter Contact- Sometimes looking for a job isn’t as active a process as you imagine it will be. Recruiters and hiring managers utilize all sorts of tools to find potential candidates to fill the positions within their companies. Adding key words to your profile can make you stand out in the midst of these types of searches. Make sure you put them in the recommendations, specialties, skills, and summary sections of your profile. Learn more about how recruiters use LinkedIn.
  • Free Resources- When you are trying to get into a specific field, appearing to be an expert in that arena is essential. LinkedIn offers a variety of sources that can help you gain mastery and impressive knowledge from peers and other professionals. These resources offer you the ability to become a virtual insider as you learn the lingo necessary for success.

These are challenging and competitive times. Having the advantage of an exceptional LinkedIn profile could make all the difference. But, if you are still debating the idea, this resource has additional information you should consider.