Ideas to Decorate Your Room Using Your Favorite Book Theme

You can read a book, watch its movie, and by doing that you can fall in love with its characters. However, is that enough? All the bookworms out there know that one cannot get enough of their favorite book. You would like to breathe it by living in it. Moreover, what is the better way to live in a book than to decorate your whole room according to its central theme?

At first, this might sound a bit daunting, but if you truly love to experience the magic Alice felt in Alice in Wonderland, or Harry Potter felt in his lonesome bedroom under the stairs, you absolutely want to take up this task and make your room, enchanted.

Ideas to Decorate Your Room Using Your Favorite Book Theme

Here are some bedroom decorating ideas which can be used with any book theme:

  1. Make Roof the Perfect Depiction of the Setting of the Story

The roof of your bedroom is the best place to illustrate the context of the story. It does not matter if the ceiling is slanting, straight, wide or small; you just need to know what materials you can use to represent the setting accurately. One of the easiest ways is to use cut outs of things you want to include in your setting and hang them from the roof.

Another idea is to paint on the ceiling. That might be a bit complex since your arms can get tired really quickly but the result will be worth the fatigue. In addition to that, use fairy lights to outline the items that can be used to describe the setting. When the lights are flipped on, the complete picture is formed on the roof, giving your room the magical feel.

  1. Transform Your Room by Transforming the Walls

The walls are the very first things that catch the eye of a person entering a room. You have to plan out what you make or put on them because they can either destroy the whole book theme or give it an exact look you were hoping for. One of the best places to get wall art is from They have excellent designs which you can use with your theme. You can visit their website for catching up with the latest models and also to get more information on the things you should know before you finalize your wall. The articles available on their site will better guide you as to which design and paint color you can choose with the book theme you are going for. The different designs have different prices, and you can easily get something fascinating while staying within your allocated budget.

  1. Use Customized Bed Sets, Cushions, and Accessories

Now that you are done with the walls and the roof, it is time to select matching accessories. Starting with your bed set, you require picking something that will give the room the final touch. For instance, if you are going with an Alice in Wonderland theme, the bed set can show the Mad Tea Party. The pillow covers could have chairs printed on them, and the bed sheet can be the table. The cushions can show the tea cups and the famous tea pot. The other accessories that you use can also follow the same Mad Tea party look.

It is sometimes quite impossible to find matching accessories with your book theme so you would have to opt for customized items. There are several shops and online stores which provide customized cushion covers, bed covers, and other such things.